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What can be saved after a fire, from the Oceano fire damage professionals

-A fire can be devastating; the fear during the fire and the devastation afterward is overwhelming. “But, all may not be lost,” says Mark Powers, of SERVPRO of Pismo Beach / Arroyo Grande, “There are more possessions that can be saved and restored after a fire than many know about.”

One of the first things to address as soon as the building has been cleared by the fire department for safe entry is to know what must be thrown out immediately. This list includes:

  • Food—Perishable food that was not refrigerated or frozen. In some cases, depending on the damage to a refrigerator or freezer, it’s a good idea to throw out even frozen food. Non-perishable food that has been exposed to heat, smoke, or fire extinguisher chemicals should also be discarded. This includes opened containers, food in permeable packaging (cardboard, cloth, or thin plastic bags), and canned food with bulging lids, rust, or fire extinguisher dust on them.
  • Medicine and cosmetics—Discard any medications or cosmetics that were exposed to heat or smoke, as the fire may have altered their composition. The Oceano fire damage team informs the public that any consumable item is at risk of contamination by fire, heat, smoke, and ash residue.
  • Burned clothing and bedding—Throw away any clothing or bedding that has been burned or singed beyond repair. Sometimes, clothing can be cleaned and deodorized if it can be tailored to remove the burned fabric.
  • Certain electronics—Discard electronics that were exposed to fire or water. This includes appliances, computers, TVs, and other devices.
  • Children’s items—Because children are more susceptible to toxins, it might be best to throw away children’s toys, stuffed animals, and other items that have been contaminated by smoke or fire.

Wear protective gear when entering the building and disposing of items. Goggles, gloves, and a mask will help protect against ash, soot, and any airborne particles. Keep records of what is thrown out, with photos if possible, for the insurance claim.

Even though cleaning up food and other disposable items can be challenging, keep in mind that much more can most likely be saved. Here is a list of items that are candidates for restoration and repair:

  • Porous Materials—Carpets, rugs, and upholstered furniture can often be cleaned and restored. Clothing, linens, drapes, and curtains may also be candidates for cleaning and repairing.
  • Wood items—Items made of wood that did not burn in the fire, including furniture can often be restored.
  • Some electronics—Depending on the extent of the damage, some electronic items might be saved after a thorough evaluation.
  • Documents, photographs, books, and art—Although some of these items may be damaged beyond repair, SERVPRO’s advanced drying and dehumidified technologies can save quite a few.

Before attempting to save any possessions, call SERVPRO’s Oceano fire damage team for help. Serving Oceano, Pismo Beach, Arroyo Grande, and nearby communities since 1967, the team has the experience, training, and certifications to help in any disaster.

The team from SERVPRO of Pismo Beach / Arroyo Grande helps remediate fire damage in Oceano and nearby communities, providing fire damage restoration services. Serving communities since 1967, the team assesses the damage, helps file and monitor insurance claims, determines what can be repaired and restored, and conducts the repairs, including structural cleanup and repairs. The technologies used by SERVPRO professionals include:

  • Water extraction, drying, and dehumidifying the premises using industrial-grade equipment.
  • Using special cleaning and preservation techniques for furnishings, fabric and upholstery, documents, books, photographs, and art.
  • Repairing and restoring structural damage to the building and possessions.

SERVPRO’s goal is to repair and restore property and belongings to the condition“like it never happened.”

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