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The Central Coast Business News is a media resource for Central Coast businesses to share their latest news with the community. Thriving and active local businesses have much to be proud of, including providing essential goods and services and support for local community activities and organizations.

  • Central Coast businesses and community organizations represent everything from accounting and agriculture to a zoo and contributed $14.3 billion to the gross regional product in 2016.
  • Collectively, businesses located in San Luis Obispo County, South Monterey County and North Santa Barbara County serve a population close to 500,000 residents. San Luis Obispo County businesses alone contributed $1.3 billion in sales tax in the last quarter of 2016.
  • In May 2017 Paso Robles Daily News reported that tourism economy in San Luis Obispo County grew to $1.59 billion in 2016, generating $61.7 million in local tax revenues.

Local business support is what makes vibrant community activities such as local festivals, youth activities and art and entertainment possible.

Business growth is supported through local resources like local chambers of commerce, economic development and professional organizations. The Central Coast Business News is the latest resource from Access Publishing to keep business in touch with the community and with other Central Coast businesses.

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  • Who is retiring and who has been promoted?
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  • What professional conferences are you attending or sponsoring?

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About California’s Central Coast

California’s Central Coast roughly spans the Pacific Ocean coastline from Point Mugu in Ventura County to the Monterey Bay and from the coast inland encompassing the counties of San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, Monterey, Santa Cruz and San Benito.

However, there is some local disagreement over which communities have the real ownership of the Central Coast designation. The local association seems to be centered more in Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo counties and the coastal regions of Monterey County.

Nevertheless, the region is know for agriculture and tourism and is the location of the Central Coast American Viticulture Area. The Central Coast is a popular destination for wine tasting, weddings, and outdoor activities including camping, hiking, horseback riding and both fresh water and ocean fishing.

Before European contact the Chumash, Ohlone, Salinan and other indigenous people, originally inhabited the region. Thousands of descendants of the original inhabitants still live and work in the area.

The city of San Luis Obispo, known locally as SLO, is the County Seat for San Luis Obispo County. The GPS coordinates for SLO are 35.2828° N, 120.6596° W.