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Watsonville Propane Company Reports ‘Propane Safety and Earthquakes’

Earthquakes are a way of life in California and even though most talk about the last big one, or wonder when the next big one is coming, Earthquake Track, reports that several per day happen in the state. These daily earthquakes are usually not noticed by humans and are not of enough magnitude to do any damage, but Steve Dodson of Wildhorse Propane & Appliances, the Watsonville propane supplier, said, “It’s still important to make sure things are as earthquake as possible, because we do have some pretty good shakers, too.”

Safety during an earthquake is always a high priority and developing an earthquake safety plan is critical since a strong earthquake can hit without warning. Local public safety agencies usually have safety plans that are available to help members of the community create plans for home and business. The California Earthquake Authority is a good source for creating an earthquake safety plan for home or work.

When it comes to propane safety, the team from Wildhorse Propane & Appliances has prepared some tips to help propane customers safeguard propane tanks and prevent leaks and potential fires. Propane is used by homes, all kinds of businesses, agriculture, and public agencies. These tips are useful for any propane customer:

  • Consider anchoring the propane tank to prevent the it from shifting or falling over during an earthquake. The Watsonville propane supplier can advise the best way to anchor the tank.
  • If the propane tank has shifted or is damaged, or if you smell that rotten-egg odor of propane, get to safety and call the fire department.
  • Make sure the tank is easily accessible by clearing the area around it and removing any heavy or tall objects that might fall during an earthquake.
  • Check insurance policies to determine whether the propane system is covered in the event of damage.
  • Know how to shut off the propane tank and teach other adults or older children how to do it as well. Also know where shut off valves into buildings are located and how to turn them off.
  • Ask the propane company about installing a seismic gas shutoff valve that automatically shuts off the flow of propane during an earthquake. Some areas may require that a seismic gas shut off be installed.
  • Contact your propane supplier to inspect your propane system before turning it back on.
  • Also schedule a thorough inspection. The technician can check the tank, all the connections inside the building and detect any underground leaks that may be coming from damaged pipes.

Be safe. Make sure all family members and employees know the earthquake emergency safety and preparedness plan. The plan should include instructions for turning off propane, electricity and water. Practice it at least once a year.

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