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Paso Robles Kitchen Remodel Specialist, Central Pacific Construction, Releases The Top Tips For An Efficient Kitchen

– When designing a new kitchen or remodeling the old one, the Paso Robles kitchen remodeling experts have some tips for a more efficient kitchen. “Saving steps not having to rummage around in cabinets to find things goes a long way towards building a time-saving and organized kitchen,” said Frank Cueva, owner of Central Pacific Construction.

The kitchen triangle, the layout that places the stove, refrigerator, and the sink and work surface, within easy steps of one another, is still a kitchen design classic. Design ideas that include a kitchen island and chef-grade appliances are also popular and can add to a kitchen’s efficiency. “But,” said Cueva, Don’t limit your idea of efficiency to the triangle and nice appliances.”

According to Cueva, the leading features that add to kitchen efficiency include:

  • Lighting that brightens up a workspace is critical. The ability to control brightness with a dimmer is also important to create the mood when dining in the kitchen. Options include recessed ceiling lights, decorative pendants lighting, and under cabinet and interior cabinet lights. The Paso Robles kitchen remodeling experts can help plan the most effective kitchen lighting for any kitchen.
  • Hands-free faucets go a long way towards speeding up food preparation and cleanup. No need to put something down then pick it up again. Just touch the faucet with an elbow or forearm, and continue working. There is always the chance that the novelty will make the kids more willing to help with kitchen chores, too!
  • While thinking faucets, think about the “sink of your dreams.” Fixtures, even touch faucets, come in beautiful and graceful designs for all tastes and there is a version of sink for every efficient chef. Deep sinks are perfect for washing and filling big pots. Sinks come with sections for drying dishes rather than cluttering the counter with a dish drain. Streamline sink designs blend into the most modern decor.
  • Appliances include smart refrigerators with touch screens for accessing recipes, see-through doors, and remote control features. Ovens are just as high-tech for faster cooking and easier maintenance. There are even televisions specially designed for use in kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Kitchen cabinets include special slide-out shelves to eliminate rummage around. Drawers can include fitted compartments to keep them tidy and the contents easy to find. Cabinets can come with organizes for dishes, pots and pantry items. Cabinets that pull out or fold out, make it possible to store things at fingertip reach.

Central Pacific Construction has been assisting the Central Coast and Paso Robles with kitchen remodels since 1997. The company has a Better Business Bureau rating of A+ for customer satisfaction with residential and commercial construction and remodeling projects of all kinds.

Rest assured that the professionals from Central Pacific Construction will work closely with you during all stages of any construction project.

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